used Martin

C.F. Martin & Co. has been the gold standard in acoustic guitars since 1833. Some have even called them "The American Stradivarius". Virtually every steel-string guitar maker in the world can trace their designs partly or in their entirety back to Martin's innovations. The company is still privately owned by the Martin family, and their instruments are built with great care in Nazareth, PA. 

McKenzie River Music is proud to be an Authorized Martin Dealer. In addition, we specialize in the repair and restoration of older Martin guitars. Build with a dovetail neck joint, almost all those made prior to 1975 are in need of a neck reset in their lifetime to bring the instrument back to factory specifications. Most often we do a complete rebuild that includes a neck re-set, re-fret, bone nut & saddle, resulting in a truly exceptional vintage guitar that plays and sounds to it's full potential.  

We strive to keep a large and varied selection of new, used and vintage Martins for sale in our shop and on-line. 

Written appraisals are available for your fine vintage instruments. Please contact us for more information.