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  • National Resophonic at McKenzie River Music!

    McKenzie River Music is pleased to announce our renewed association with National Resophonic Instruments. National is at the top of their game right now, making some truly great guitars. You will be seeing new models arriving at the shop in the coming weeks. In the meantime, check out this NRP Tricone Guitar and Triolian Concert Uke.

  • Mas Malo from Fulltone Pedals!

    Here is the latest addition to Fulltone's world class handmade pedals. Vintage-voiced fuzz/distortion pedal with 3 NOS BC184C transistors deliver tones from full-out fuzz to tight sustaining distortion. Dial back the "H" (heat) knob and "D" (distortion) knobs and you can nail many Jimmy Page studio tones - as well as your favorite Floyd sounds. Quite possibly the most versatile distortion/fuzz ever made. Stop in and test drive one today!

  • Suhr Classic JM Pro

    While giving the nod back to another era, the Suhr Classic JM starts with a sleeker, more refined body shape and adds enhancements to playability previously unattainable to the guitarist interested in a truly vibe-y guitar. This Sonic Blue Classic JM Pro features a Gotoh 510 Tremolo that sounds great and stays in tune with excellent intonation. Also featured is the new hum free S90 pickups with a low profile three-way pickup selector. All in all, this is just another great example of Suhr's high-quality craftsmanship we all know and love.

  • Carr Sportsman 1X12

    If you like vintage "American" tones the Carr Sportsman is an excellent choice to fill the grab-and-go small to mid-sized amp role..... think of it as a more solid, versatile and muscular version of that classic '60's 1x10 combo made in Southern California.
    Carr Amps feature superb build, best quality components, and vintage-inspired design with modern sensibility.
    Dual 6V6, class A, partial fixed bias, 16 watts clean, 19 watts maxed.
    Lush, all tube reverb with long spring tank, Mid control with extended range, Variable Headroom control, 12" Jensen Jet Speaker, Floating '60s-style baffle, Solid pine cabinet all wrapped up in a very attractive looking Fawn Slub tolex! ![]() ![]() ![]() ![]()

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