Blackstar HT Club 50 Head  Black. Click to enlarge

Blackstar HT Club 50 Head Black

Price: $425.00

Condition: excellent

Case: none

This Blackstar HT Club 50 (Venue Series) is in fantastic condition! These British-designed amps are true innovators, this one contains a nearly limitless tonal palette and is also very light / mobile.

Here's some additional information from the manufacturer: 

"This 50-watt workhorse has two channels, each with switchable voicings for a range of sounds from ultra-linear pristine cleans to saturated leads and everything in between. Where the HT Club 50 really sets itself apart from the crowd is the patented "ISF" control, short for Infinite Shape Feature. This pseudo-EQ knob dials between vintage British-style crunch and modern American distortion, with a plethora of tones in the middle ground."

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