Cusack Music Tap-a-Delay DeLuxe  . Click to enlarge

Cusack Music Tap-a-Delay DeLuxe

Price: $210.00

Condition: excellent

Case: none

This is a great sounding delay pedal, it's a 750mS digital delay that mixes the original  analog signal with the delayed signal. It is a bit gritty, and very  analog flavored. This isn’t a clean studio quality digital delay with  perfect repeats, it's much more tape-like than it is digital sounding.  This Tap-A-Delay Deluxe version features a "Float" switch that  controls a momentary feedback loop. At lower feedback settings this  enables "floating" ambient sounds, at higher feedback settings it  causes quicker feedback "runaway" oscillation. There is also a mini  switch provided which to the left enables notes played after the float  switch is engaged to add to the loop, while to the right the added notes  are un-effected ("dry") . It comes with the original packaging.

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