Bob November

McKenzie River Music's Founder

Bob November, pictured in 2009 with some of his personal collection.

A true pioneer in the music industry, Bob November shared his passion and deep knowledge of vintage instruments with the entire guitar world.

Bob possessed a rare combination of business acumen and a discriminating sensibility when it came to the tonal character of instruments old and new. His knowledge was encyclopedic, and he shared it freely with his employees and with any and all musicians, from beginners and their parents to renowned professionals.

For more than three decades, making regular visits to McKenzie River Music was a tradition for Eugene musicians, whether they were shopping for new gear, needed advice, wanted to talk shop, or just felt like basking in the stunning beauty of a world-class display of acoustic and electric guitars. Bob was an astute and meticulous collector, and his shop provided not only a diverse selection for guitarists of every level and style, but also a virtual museum for anyone interested in the rich history of the instrument.

Bob was an accomplished and competitive golfer, a talented, award-winning musician in his own right, and an enthusiastic fan of the Oregon Ducks. Friends fondly recall his rich sense of humor and easy grace. He loved this community and being a part of it.

Although he was a highly regarded pioneer in the vintage music instrument business, for Bob November, making the sale was never the most important thing. A good listener, he would endeavor to match an instrument to the needs, tastes, and budget of each individual. The guitars he placed into the hands of musicians for so many years are essential tools and sometimes beautiful objects of historical significance. But even more important is the music that will be created on those instruments, and the joy it will bring to players and audiences alike for many, many years to come. For those who knew him well, Bob will be forever remembered as a loving and devoted husband, a trusted friend, a businessman of integrity and candor, and a generous mentor. For countless others, the inspiration to play, the appreciation of a good guitar, and the passion and joy of shared music will be Bob November's legacy.

The above is an excerpt from Bob's obituary, originally published in The Register-Guard.

Bob November (1956-2012)

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