Strymon Iridium 2019 . Click to enlarge

Strymon Iridium 2019

Price: $265.00

Condition: excellent

Case: none

This Iridium is in excellent working condition and comes with it's original box and power supply! It features three iconic amplifiers and nine impulse response speaker cabinets that enhance each amp's unique sound.

No need to haul or mic amps—just adding this piece to your pedalboard allows for stunning stereo amp tones, realistic cabs, and rich room ambience, directly to your recording interface or PA system!

Whether using in-ear monitors, floor wedges, reference monitors, or studio headphones, this pedal makes creating an inspiring direct tone super approachable and enjoyable.

- Matrix Modeling™ captures every subtle detail and tonal quality of each amplifier.

- Full  stereo 24-bit 96kHz resolution for its 500-millisecond speaker cabinet  impulse responses, previously only available in studio recording  software.

- Top-quality impulse responses to your pedalboard. Its hybrid room reverb combines a 256-millisecond stereo impulse response with Strymon’s reverb tank algorithm for extended decay, placing your amp and  cab in a naturally resonant room (small, medium, or large).

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