Novax Sweet Annie  Black. Click to enlarge

Novax Sweet Annie Black

Price: $3350.00

Condition: excellent

Case: original hard

The Novax "Annie" guitar was introduced in 2014 as a celebration of the 25th Anniversary of Novax Guitars which was founded in 1989. "Annie" was named for "anniversary".

2024 marks the 10th anniversary of the original Annie design and the 35th anniversary of Novax Guitars.  For this special occasion we're introducing the limited edition 10th Anniversary Annie, signed by Ralph Novak.

Feature-packed with the original design elements that Novax pioneered: 

> Individual bridges for optimal string tone separation, graph tech saddles

> Fanned-frets® with scale lengths optimized for tone and player comfort

> Light-weight comfort carved body

> Plus a new electronic circuit with more tones, all hum-cancelled (9 unique tones)

> "10 year" custom engraved pearl fretboard inlay

1 3/4" nut width  

This guitar was assembled and hand-finished by Ralph. As many of you may know, he no longer does custom builds due to issues with his eye-sight. This instrument is a special 10th anniversary edition; while it has many exciting and unique aspects it is balanced with some finish flaws that you might not find in a commercial guitar. It is the only one in existence at this time!

*Comes w/ Original Hardshell Case

"Based upon Ralph Novak’s over 5 decades of experience encompassing guitar design, construction, repair, modification, and extensive player interaction, the Annie model embodies the input of literally hundreds of players."

- Novax website

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