Ampeg Dan Armstrong Clear Lucite Guitar 1971 . Click to enlarge

Ampeg Dan Armstrong Clear Lucite Guitar 1971

Price: $1500.00

Condition: fair

Case: original hard

Let's see, where to begin on this one. We'll start at the headstock and work our way down. The tuners have been replaced with a set of Gold Gotoh gears and the front of the headstock seems to have been refinished. The truss rod cover with its wood grained finish looks original. There is a fair amount of wear on the first 8 frets on the Brazilian Rosewood fretboard, the finish on the neck appears to be original on the back of the neck, all the way down to where it joins the body at the 24th fret. Some think that the horns of the cutaways have been modified, we're not sure, and this (  most excellent web site might shed some light on the subject. The body has been routed for a preamp and battery which works in that it makes the guitar louder. In fact all the electronics as well as the knobs have been replaced. The pickup is original, it's the one with 2 rows of non adjustable pole pieces and the Brazilian Rosewood bridge with an inlaid fret is also most likely original. The pickguard is not original and is made of clear material as well, it's too thick and interferes with fretted notes beyond the 22nd fret. We're not sure if the 3 strap buttons are original or not. The serial number of A2047D puts it at 1971 as the year of manufacture. Includes the original (we think) black rectangular hard shell case. We are selling this one "as described" so please feel free to DM or call us here at the shop for more gory details.

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