Gecko Pedals Geckoplex 2021 . Click to enlarge

Gecko Pedals Geckoplex 2021

Price: $529.00

Condition: brand new

Case: none

Meet the Geckoplex, the no-expense-spared result of over 10 years in pursuit of our own dream delay pedal.  Inspired by 1960-1970’s era tape delays, but with some more modern digital features added in, the Geckoplex EP-5 is about as close as possible to having an actual tape delay unit on your pedalboard.  It is full-featured and versatile, handling anything from a simple slap-back, to creating dreamy, spacious science-fiction soundscapes that combine reverb with nearly endless, twisted, wavering echoes.  Pair it with an expression pedal for hands-free control of any set of controls over any range in real-time.

Mount it on your pedalboard, or put it on top of your amp stack for some hands-on action instead.  However you decide to use it, it has your delay needs covered, and is solidly built to last a very long time.

Each Geckoplex is hand-crafted in small batches with genuine, quality components and individually hand-numbered.  Absolutely everything, including circuit board assembly, machining, powder coating, screen printing,  assembly, and testing, is done in-house right here in Eugene, Oregon, U.S.A.

Features include:

  • Analog FET input preamp gain stage, with gain up to +11dB, adjustable by the GAIN knob.
  • Up to 2 seconds of delay time.
  • Sound on Sound mode for looping playback of up to 40 seconds.
  • Separate WET/DRY outputs for use with dual amp setups.
  • The dry signal can be switched off on the wet output for pure WET/DRY outputs (internal switch).
  • 3 Fully programmable presets, with seamless switching between them.
  • Expression pedal support, allowing full control of any set of controls over any desired range on each preset.
  • Tap tempo with selectable subdivisions (eighth note, quarter note, and dotted eighth note subdivisions).
  • External tap tempo switch jack allows remote control of the delay time.
  • TRAILS toggle switch to control whether trailing effects are heard after the unit is switched off.
  • Buffered outputs, capable of easily driving amps with clarity, even through long cables or into Lo-Z inputs.
  • Motorized delay slide control to set the delay time, similar to a tape write head position lever found on some vintage tape delay units.
  • 6 effect control knobs: echo VOLUME, REPEATS, TONE, WARP, an independent REVERB, and a Gecko Pedals original effect: SHIFT.
  • LED level meter bar (6 LEDs).