Taylor Solid Body Standard 2008 Sunburst. Click to enlarge

Taylor Solid Body Standard 2008 Sunburst

Price: $995.00

Condition: excellent

Case: original hard

This guitar is in excellent shape, there are a couple of minor scratches in the finish (see pics) and aside from a bit of fret wear, that's it. The guitar weighs seven pounds and it plays and sounds great. It comes with its original case and a bit of paperwork. Here's some info from Taylors website.,.  The Standard is a flat-front/single cutaway guitar with two pickups, a standard Taylor C-shaped neck (the same used on their acoustics), a 24 7/8” scale, and a nut that measures 1 11/16” wide.”  “The bridge is cast aluminum with an art deco appearance designed to remain free of sharp edges. Individual bridge saddles are adjustable and can be locked down through a plate in the back of the guitar. That means the strings can be replaced without having the saddles move at all.  “The neck is attached with Taylor’s proprietary T-Lock system, where an Allen bolt goes through the body and pulls the neck into a pocket shaped like a W…The T-lock neck system is so tight that, viewed from any angle but the back, the neck appears to be glued on the body.”

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