Jackson SlideKing Custom Left Handed  Blue Sparkle. Click to enlarge

Jackson SlideKing Custom Left Handed Blue Sparkle

Price: $1500.00

Condition: excellent

Case: original hard

A beautifully crafted left handed steel from the royal family of steel guitar builders. Shot Jackson was the 'Sho' in Sho-Bud and Jackson steel guitars are made by the same master craftsmen that designed and built those legendary instruments. This one is in excellent condition and features 3 foot pedals and four knee levers and a sturdy road case. The blue metalflake finish is the icing on top.

Here are the specs from Jackson...

  • Billet aluminum endplates, key head and tailpiece.
  • Aluminum frame with drum wrap finish and chrome edging.
  • Classic Sho-Bud style Fretboard.
  • Classic Sho-Bud style heart, spade, diamond and club cluster in front.
  • 24″ scale.

International shipping available, please inquire...

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