Gerlitz 1x12 Revelator Dual Amp  . Click to enlarge

Gerlitz 1x12 Revelator Dual Amp

Price: $2000.00

Condition: excellent

Case: none

Here in Oregon we know all about Mr. Gerlitz, he's a local legend and his amps are equally legendary. He was the lead craftsman at Matchless for their Exotic Wood Series and his amps are truly something to hear and see. He didn't make a whole lot of amps so they don't come up for sale very often, so here's your chance.

Here's what his website said about The Revelator...

The  inspiration  behind  our  G1  Revelator  Dual  Amp  was  a twofold  challenge...  first  to  combine  two  of  the  most  beloved guitar  amplifiers  -  a  Fender  'blackface'  and  a  Marshall  'plexi'  -into  one  portable  package,  and  then  to  achieve  consistent  full output tube tone at any volume level.

Special Gerlitz footswitch included.

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