Waterloo WL-14X SB aged top  Sunburst. Click to enlarge

Waterloo WL-14X SB aged top Sunburst

Price: $2550.00

Condition: brand new

Case: original hard

Waterloo WL-14 XTR, Aged Sunburst Finish, Spruce top, Mahogany back & sides, X-braced, adjustable truss rod, vintage "V"-shape neck contour, firestripe pickguard.

Updated evolution of the wonderful guitars that came out of that Kalamazoo factory in the depression era with labels such as Carson J. Robison, Cromwell, Kel Kroyden, Henry Mason, etc.

From the Collings website:                                                                                                                                                         "The WL-14 is the flagship model of the Waterloo guitar line and the inspiration that started it all. Keeping true to the design and style of the era, the WL-14 is available in "ladder" bracing (L) as well as "X" bracing (X). The ladder bracing option provides woody and open tone, with midrange honk that's perfect for fingerstyle blues. The "X" braced version retains tighter focus and balance across the tonal range. There are two different neck profiles available for the WL-14, with the standard being a sizable, vintage-inspired neck with a prominent "V" shape. For those who prefer more moderately sized necks, an alternate lower-profile option is available by request. All WL-14 models include an adjustable truss rod for convenient setup adjustment and flexibility. This model is also available with an optional Aged Finish for an authentic time-worn appearance. All Waterloo models are handmade in Austin, Texas."

Hardshell TKL case included.

S/N 3226

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