National Reso-Phonic NRP Tricone Cutaway 2018 Chipped Ivory. Click to enlarge

National Reso-Phonic NRP Tricone Cutaway 2018 Chipped Ivory

Price: $3510.00

Condition: brand new

Case: original hard

New is old is old is new is awesome!
NRP Tricone Cutaway in Chipped Ivory finish.
Such a cool guitar, it plays the blues all by itself........ okay, maybe not, but man does it sound great! If you love old reso guitars, but don't love their funky playability, cracked fingerboards and tiny frets, you will love the superb instruments being made by National Reso-Phonic.
The steel body Tricone has a warmer, bluesier voice than a single cone model, while still supplying plenty of the volume, sustain and rich tonality National's are known for.
Offering superb playability, craftsmanship and choice of materials, the magic of the original Dopyera Brothers designs is still alive and well all these years later at National Reso-Phonic.

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