Carr Sportsman  Fawn Slub. Click to enlarge

Carr Sportsman Fawn Slub

Price: $2090.00

Condition: brand new

If you like vintage "American" tones the Carr Sportsman is an excellent choice to fill the grab-and-go small to mid-sized amp role..... think of it as a more solid, versatile and muscular version of that classic '60's 1x10 combo made in Southern California.
Carr Amps feature superb build, best quality components, and vintage-inspired design with modern sensibility.
Dual 6V6, class A, partial fixed bias, 16 watts clean, 19 watts maxed.
Lush, all tube reverb with long spring tank, Mid control with extended range, Variable Headroom control, 12" Jensen Jet Speaker, Floating '60s-style baffle, Solid pine cabinet all wrapped up in a very attractive looking Fawn Slub tolex!