Suhr Corso 2015 Esher Grill. Click to enlarge

Suhr Corso 2015 Esher Grill

Price: $995.00

Condition: excellent

Suhr Corso Recording Amplifier head, 5 watts (variable), all tube circuitry, single channel input, 1x12 Suhr speaker cabinet loaded with a Warehouse Veteran 30.

From the Suhr Corso manual:

“Corso is packed with a number of features which give players incredible flexibility for carving out their ideal sound. With the on-board attenuator, Corso can be easily transformed from the most complex and detailed clean tones, to a wall of harmonically rich overdriven lead tones at any volume.”

Built with recording in mind, the Corso was designed with a unique low-gain input stage to accommodate a variety of boost, overdrive, and time effect pedals. The Corso’s line out offers the sound of the entire amp, not just the pre-amp section, so you can fully experience all of Corso’s tone when plugged directly into a digital recording I/O interface.

Add this piggyback companion to your home studio and dial in a raging tone at bedroom volume.

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